Greg was the 24th account made on roblox. The account was made back in 2004. The original owner of the account was last online in 2008, and has since quit roblox. Around 2016, famous youtubers started to spread a rumor that Greg was planning to hack roblox on the date June 24th, 2017. The account's avatar changed that day. Greg was also spotted in random games and random servers. It not was the original owner of the account controlling greg, however. An amateur hacker with the account named TheC0mmunity password-guessed the account and went trolling with it. Roblox shortly banned the account greg , not because of the trolling, but the fact that they figured out that the account was compromised, or in other words, broken into/hacked, and roblox deleted compromised accounts most of the time so the hackers don't get anything out of the experience.


  • If a user was hacked/compromised in the early days of roblox, if they got their account back from the hacker, they would sometimes be given a free Eerie Pumpkin hat, which now costs 1.5 Million robux as of 2019.
  • TheC0mmunity may have a main account by the name of 1ik.
  • Most, if not all, of Greg's friends are hackers who either friend glitched, or requested 1ik to friend them on the Greg account.
  • You can see his friends at